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The Operation

Learn more about who we are, our processes, what to expect and how we provide value.

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Who Are We?

Learn what makes us tick.

Our Focus

We are passionate digital marketing specialists obsessed with driving the best outcomes we can through the use of paid advertising channels.

Our Approach

We offer a genuine service and are committed to becoming an internal and integral part of the businesses we work with.


We take great pride in building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients, enabling us to effectively translate their digital goals into growth and success.


Our Processes

After doing the groundwork to understand your business, industry and what success looks like – we use our experience working with ad channels to craft an ad strategy built to outperform your competitors and grow your business.


Identify objectives & market research


Formulate ad campaigns strategy & messaging


Build campaigns, landing pages, ads & tracking

Focus on what’s working, A/B split test, improve

What We Promise


In our communication of information required to collaborate, cooperate and make collective decisions.

Extensive Experience

Working in agencies and across businesses of all sizes and verticals – helping deliver successful digital marketing campaigns in all industries.

100% Dedication

To superior customer service, building long-lasting relationships and achieving digital success.

The operation

Meet Our Team

 Our team is composed of digital strategists and creatives who are passionate about what they do and committed to delivering outstanding results. Our goal is to maintain transparency in all areas of our approach, through clear and honest communication, while scaling your brand digitally.

Mat Casey

Agency Director

Paul Tirtirau

Director Of Growth

Jasmine Aquila

Head Of Digital Performance

Andrei Tirtirau

Head Of Sales & Partnerships

Mesa Brown


Client Account Manager

Julie Luisa

Digital Co-ordinator

Gelo Asuncion

Ad Campaign Specialist

Tanya Marion

Digital Copy Writer